There are so many different kinds of sexual relationships that a man
and a woman can have with each other. They range from one extreme to
the other Ė from a committed monogamous relationship to a sexless

Long Term Committed Relationship Ė Monogamy

Many people desire the monogamous relationship Ė you and your partner
fall in love with and only have sex with each other. This is the most
accepted and familiar relationship type. Itís the goal of many people
that are actively dating. But until you and your lady really get to
know one another and have a strong enough emotional connection (love)
to fully commit to each other, you will likely have one of the other
kinds of relationshipsÖ

Casual Dating

You go out to dinner. You talk and flirt over drinks. You watch movies
and take walks. Some people like to date simply for the entertainment
value. Going to a party or trying out a new restaurant can be a lot
more fun when youíre with someone that you think is cute and interesting,
especially when there is the possibility of having sex later. Dating is
often looked at as a courting process and the precursor to the committed
relationship. Some people prefer to date only one person at a time.
Others prefer to date multiple people at the same time until they find
the right one.

Open Relationship

This is very similar to the long term committed relationship, because itís
based on trust, connection, friendship, fun, sex and love. The big difference
here is that the relationship is not monogamous. You both can casually date
and have sex with other people. This is only possible if both you and your
partner are good at communicating with each other and donít have issues with
trust and jealousy.

Friends with Benefits

Itís very similar to casually dating, in that you do fun things with your
partner, but there is a difference between friends with benefits and dating.
The FWB relationship has little to no expectations of commitment attached to
it, and it always involves sex. There is not the ďpossibilityĒ of sex at the
end of the night Ė itís assumed. Sex is a big part of being friends with
benefits, but so is the fun, social aspect.

Fuck Buddies

The fuck buddy relationship is primarily based on sex with little emotional
attachment. The social aspects of this are minimal. Maybe there is some sort
of fun beforehand, like a drink, but itís more of a formality that often
takes place in private and is considered foreplay. Fuck buddies can involve
a friendship, but itís not necessary. You and your partner meet repeatedly
with the sole purpose of having sex. The fuck buddy relationship may take
place in secret because itís not socially acceptable.

One Night Stands

There is no friendship or emotional attachment in the one night stand. It
obviously lasts only one night with no intention of ever seeing each other
again. Itís based purely on sex with a stranger. One night stands can be
enjoyable and rewarding, but only if both people know what they are getting


There is no sex and very little potential for sex going on here. Two people
have a platonic relationship based either on social fun or an emotional
connection, but the attraction simply isnít there to take it further.
Occasionally a friendship can turn into something more, but that is the
exception rather than the rule.

(There are a few other less common sexual relationship types, like polyamory,
but the ones above are by far and away the most common.)

7 Common Sexual Relationship Types