#1. Recognize that men's and women's views of each other and of themselves
have been shaped by sexist conditioning in our society.

#2. Understand that these sexist views will persist and cloud both sexes'
thinking about both men and women.

#3. Always remember the true nature of ALL women and ALL men: strong, loving,
intelligent, zestful, cooperative, assertive, confident and tender. If you
can't see everyone that way then it is due to the sexist conditioning (and
other hurts) placed upon you. If you had never received this conditioning,
then you could easily see everyone's inherent nature all the time. If any
person never received any type of conditioning, then they would always act
on these inherent qualities all the time.

#4. Educate yourself on the ways that women have been oppressed. Ask the
women in your life what the sexism is like in their life. It is important
for women to get to talk about it with you and important for you to hear
the hardships of being a woman in this society.

#5. Share the work that has traditionally been considered "women's work".
This is largely unpaid work and is not considered as important as "men's

#6. Challenge the notion to both men and women that boys are by nature
aggressive and violent. Stand firm that it is only hard conditioning that
makes anyone act this way. Stand firm that boys are just like girls with
the whole range of emotions, compassion, and need for tenderness.

#7. Eliminate homophobia (the fear of being close to someone of the same
gender as oneself) with the men in your life. Homophobia perpetuates
confusion that closeness and sex are the same thing (they are not the same).
It prevents men from having close relationships with each other. Taking
turns listening to each other about the hardships we've had being men is a
great step in starting closer friendships. Go meet lots of men!

#8. Encourage men (including yourself) to feel and express all natural feelings.
Men's largest conditioning comes from being forced to act like we have no feelings
(e.g. "Big boys don't cry", "You're acting like a girl/sissy"). This conditioning
is what eventually makes men take on all of the inhuman roles we are expected to
play in society.

#9. Support women's leadership. One crucial area to eliminating sexism is challenging
the notion that men are natural leaders and women are natural followers. This can be
confusing for men. But considering all the sexist stereotypes we've been taught about
women, this is understandable. That is why remembering women's inherent nature (see #3)
and taking turns listening with other men about how we've been conditioned is so
important in moving forward and supporting women's leadership.

#10. Model non-sexist behavior everywhere. Tell and show men and women that eliminating
sexism is a primary focus in your life. The presence of sexism in society is hurtful to
everyone, not just women. It's elimination will enhance every human being's life.

10 Concrete Ways to End Sexism as Men